Why Apple CarPlay is Better

Apple CarPlay is a new and exciting software platform that can be found in just about any new car model. However, it is also possible to install an aftermarket radio unit that will provide the same functionality and benefits in all the models. So, what is the Apple CarPlay benefits and why should you choose this above anything else if you are an iPhone user?

Well, there are loads of excellent advantages to this software as it actually sinks with the software on your iPhone. Therefore, you get a hands-free experience unlike any other Bluetooth device out there. It plugs into your phone and shares your device information directly to the unit. This means you can use various apps and control your device without ever picking up your phone while driving. Everything from Siri through to messages worked flawlessly.

Enjoy Updated Maps with Free Traffic Details

Since this unit would use your phone, it means the apps on your device sync with the unit. Therefore, you would be able to use navigation apps such as Google and even Apple’s Maps. These are always up-to-date with the latest route details and even traffic. It works exactly the same as if you were to use your mobile device to navigate. The difference is, you would see the maps and driving instructions on your radio screen, making it much easier to keep track while focusing on the road.

Youu can even use Siri to navigate places while you are driving. As you would use your iPhone, simply say ”Hey Siri” and ask her to navigate to the address or location you would like to go. It will only take a few seconds before the driving information appears on your radio interface. It has never been easier to reply to messages, call a friend or even receive a call. Now with the Apple CarPlay functionality, you can do all of this without ever touching your mobile device.

It all works with Siri who has the ability to read your messages, play voice notes and even reply to messages. As with maps, you would simply activates her with your voice and tell her to reply or send a message to a specific person. The same goes for making calls, making it really easy and much faster to get in touch while driving.

Play Music

Rhose of you who have used Siri to play music on your iPhone would already be familiar with the interface and how easy it is to skip between songs or even play a specific track. The Apple CarPlay is exactly the same and uses voice control to change between songs, find new songs or even play a playlist. Of course, you can also use your steering wheel controls, giving you even more options and functionality in a much safer and easier manner. For those of you who would like to use Spotify or other apps, the Apple CarPlay interface is available with loads of apps, which you simply load onto your iPhone to use in the core.