WHO Launches TikTok Account to Eliminate Coronavirus Misinformation

The World Health Organization has been scrambling to provide accurate information regarding the coronavirus. They are taking new extremes to reach the public by creating an international TikTok account. Working under the United Nations as their central public health agency, they’ve been leading the fight towards this epidemic. Their first video shows the Technical Lead for Infection Prevention Control informing viewers how they can protect themselves from this virus-strain. Viewers are then provided a link to the WHO – Coronavirus website for additional information. It’s expected that they’ll release a new video every week.

Surprisingly, the World Health Organization is selecting TikTok for social media awareness. This platform has seen an influx of false videos, where users are claiming to have the coronavirus to become a viral sensation. One instance included a teenager claiming their friend was the 1st confirmed case in Canada, with this quickly being debunked and the teenager charged by local authorities. TikTok hasn’t stopped these misinforming videos, with the platform often creating unsafe conditions for users.

Accurate Information Required

The World Health Organization has increasingly grown concerned with the misleading information on TikTok, which prompted them to create a verified account. They’ve had to spend more fabulous deals of their effort on fighting misinformation across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tencent and TikTok. The United Nations and the WHO cannot risk public uproar from the increasing level of misinformation.

A large percentage of their efforts towards fighting misinformation relates to “Search Engine Optimization” through Google and social media services. Now when worried citizens search up information regarding the coronavirus, it’s the WHOs website that’s indicated on search feeds. Collecting data through social media services becomes more local with government-related links sending accurate information to users. However, the best information will come directly from the centre of Disease Control. We recommend that our readers don’t use TikTok and select the CDC or WHO for their accurate coronavirus information.

It should be noted that the World Health Organization had made similar efforts in the past, which included stopping the increasing misinformation regarding anti vaccinations. Those wanting to use social media further coronavirus information are best suited for Instagram, with the WHO providing many infographics hello regarding how people can protect themselves from this virus strain.