White House Chief of CISA Terminated

Four years have passed since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of America, with Americans having to witness the mental deterioration of Trump. Violence ensued & hatred across the United States has increased exponentially. Before Donald Trump is forced to leave office, the President will work diligently towards substantiating the 2020 Election & locating a solution that results in an additional four years of Trump.

President Donald Trump has begun committing crimes to force himself into the oval office again. The first instance of his fraudulent behaviour came with the announcement that the Chief of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security had been fired. When Trump was questioned on why Chief Chris Krebs had been terminated, the 45th President of America claimed that Krebs released inaccurate information regarding voter integrity.

Trump has emphasised since November 11th that the 2020 US Election had been stolen & hacked by Joe Biden. However, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that Biden or his Political Party committed any fraudulent behaviour with their campaign. Claims from Donald have remained unsubstantiated, with Trump being unable to provide ample proof behind his remarks. Officials working under the 2020 US Election verified that this year was their most secured to date.

Others Fired by Trump

Chief Chris Krebs of CISA isn’t the first individual to lose their employment under President Donald Trump. Other high-ranking members of the US Office have lost their jobs for unfounded reasons. Joe Biden winning on November 11th saw an immediate change with Trump, who terminated Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Donald fired Mark Esper for not “Trusting his Loyalty”. That’s an illegal & unsubstantiated reason to fire a high-ranking official in America. It’s another instance that proves Donald Trump shares numerous similarities with communist leaders like Vladimir Putin. However, those two distinctions have been made multiple times.

It’s rumoured that CIA Director Gina Haspel & CIA Director Christopher Wray could also lose their positions for similar reasons to Defence Secretary Mark Esper. There’ll be substantial fallout for Donald Trump by making these decisions. All three individuals likely sustain private information about Trump that could bury him. Once out of office, that information would probably get released by one of the three.