What to consider for Pressure Washers

Proud homeowners all over the globe have most probably considered buying a pressure washer to make their lives easier. The daunting task of cleaning rooves or washing paving or evening hosing down your car can leave many with a headache. Ask yourselves these questions. Do you need to have a top of the range water pressure or one that’s mid-range, both will perform the same job. Additionally, people should know if they’ve wanted a portable washer or static unit. The most significant factor to consider when asking these questions is how often will the machine be operated.

Pressure Washers for you

Let us consider the above scenario. You are a homeowner that would like not only to maintain your residence but also wash your car. To answer the above questions

  • A mid-range washer will do the job
  • The machine will be for multiple uses and therefore should have multiple adapters
  • Again, various applications on static items with different placements mean it should be portable

I doubt you will need to clean your roof and paving twice a week; however, your car could be another story depending on how often and where you drive it. But either way, it is not an excessively big job. So, with the answers above, I think you are safe to look into a midrange washer, wheeled with attachments to suit your needs. A mid-range washer should never cost you more than £150 even that seems a bit extreme considering how little you will be using it. For this price, you should be getting either a high-end no-name brand or a low-end premium brand. The motor will be up to a powerful 2000watts, but it is the output you should be looking at. To do the job mentioned above (especially the roof and paving cleaning) you should limit your search to 110 bars and up.

Most of these mid-range washers tend to be a little heavy but have bigger wheels to help with movement. They also tend to have hooks, slots, and storage space for all their attachments which are great because having to replace an attachment can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Features may include one lance (the shaft) with an adjustable, twistable nozzle, allowing variable pressure. This lance is excellent for light cleaning. You will also want to make sure your pressure washer has a soap intake and tank, even for the days you wish to pamper your car; the removable tanks are usually better more convenient than the containers that attach to the lance. There are many more accessories you can buy separately if needed, such as brushes and patio cleaners, all to aid in making your life easy. Again, it all depends on what you need or want the washer to do.