Waymo Launches Driverless Taxis in Phoenix

Phoenix is becoming one of the 1st significant cities in North America to sustain driverless taxis. It’s been announced by Waymo that they’ll shortly launch “Waymo Driverless” to the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona. It means standard human drivers associated with taxis are eliminated & a multitude of technologies will enable the vehicle to self-drive itself.

Waymo’s parent company is Google, and before the COVID-19 pandemic, they’d begun testing the driverless taxis with select customers from Phoenix. Their opinions assisted in Google, determining if “Waymo Driverless” can launch in 2020 or needs additional enhancements before launch. It should be noted that the initial month of “Waymo Driverless” in Phoenix is permitted for a small number of customers. Those include the family & friends of testers from before the pandemic. After four weeks of their opinionative recommendations, Google will likely launch its driverless taxis to the entirety of Phoenix.

Vehicles are remotely monitored at specialized facilities owned by Google. Monitors watching from designated facilities can intervene in extreme circumstances. All monitors are provided steering wheels & gas pedals, which are remotely connected to the malfunctioning driverless vehicle. These provisions enable the monitor to drive these vehicles & sustain passenger safety remotely.

Adopters of “Waymo Driverless” has a 50-Mile-Radius to travel around the region of Phoenix. Highlighted destinations include Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler. Waymo hasn’t revealed details on additional locations around the Arizona state. It appears that Phoenix is acting as the testing region for Google & Waymo. Depending on the popularity of this service during America’s worst pandemic, driverless taxis could be released nationwide.

The Pandemic Incentive

Waymo is implementing precautions with their standard ride-sharing options. Barriers are being installed with vehicle operators. Unlike traditional taxis seen in major cities, which have used plastic sheets to create barriers, Waymo requires a thick plastic wall. Their providing drivers with temporary loans to install these defensive protocols, which are meant to benefit themselves & their issued guests.

It’ll be hard for Uber to overtake Waymo if new services & precautions are introduced across American cities. The Uber Company has somewhat ignored the COVID-19 pandemic, and multiple customers have contracted the virus from their drivers.