Walmart Announces Festive Light Show with Drones

Traditions standard to the holidays has been eliminated in 2020, with Covid-19 forcing unexpected alterations in how society approaches daily engagement. Physical distancing will continue being enforced worldwide, with nations like the United States & the United Kingdom recommending that civilian personnel don’t visit extended family. Government leadership haven’t implemented physical distancing protocols with retail shopping, prompting complaints that government personnel are biasedly permitting continued infections for corporate partnership.

Retail brands like Walmart know consumers will forcibly have to attend physical locations, acquiring presents for family & friends before December 24th to 25th. Walmart didn’t hesitate to launch a 2020 holiday marketing campaign after learning America won’t enforce physical distancing. Walmart isn’t considering consumer safety with this marketing campaign, with the “2020 Holiday Drone Light Show” announced by Walmart Co.

Eight communities in America are obtaining special access to this light show. It was confirmed that hundreds would be permitted to attend local drive-ins across prominent cities like Dallas, Sacramento, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Thousands are expected to participate in surrounding areas nearby the drive-in. Subsequently, healthcare personnel informed of this marketing campaign have warned that the chance of infection will increase at these light shows.

Concerns Avoided by Walmart

Healthcare personnel have made complaints to Walmart, which have been avoided. This largescale corporation is marketing the drone light show as “Magical” and “Wonderous”. That won’t be the case when dozens or hundreds of civilians attending these drone shows contract Covid-19. It should be clarified that each vehicle can sustain five Americans, and facemasks are requested by Walmart but not required.

This shows an evident lack of corporate responsibility & should concern customers wanting to avoid coronavirus outbreaks. Unsurprisingly, multiple retail locations for Walmart have closed during Covid-19 following epidemics. Photographic evidence indicates that a large percentage of customers aren’t engaging with facemasks. Something similar can be anticipated with the light show.

Individuals foolish enough to attend these light shows aren’t required to pay for tickets, with Walmart making this event readily available & free-of-charge. Individuals unable to participate in for safety purposes & location distance, Walmart is streaming the light shows live via Facebook & Instagram. Watch of December 5th at 4:40 Pacific Time.