Vector’s slightly larger Robot Friends

We are at a place in time that as children we could only dream about, having our R2D2 or robots like the Jetsons. Well, dreams have become a reality, some would say due to the ideas and visions of people who were once like-minded children. The only difference is, they made their dreams a reality and are now sharing them with us. Below are a few home robot companion, friends and pets demonstrated at CES 2019. Parents no longer have to make up stories about toys coming to life when children close their eyes because now, they move while being watched.


This cute, adorable puppy is made by Sony and gives you all the experiences of owning a real dog, well, almost all the skills. Aibo is, for lack of a better description, potty trained, there will be no middle of the night wake-up calls to be let out. Other bonuses include no hair loss, allergies, grooming costs, vet bills or chewed rugby togs. Aibo, like any puppy, will need to be taught, she responds best to encouraging reinforcement and will aim to please with her tricks learnt.

Groove X Lovot

Lovot has been designed as a robot to pull on your heartstrings. Although this penguin-resembling robot has the soppiest eyes and a soft, furry outer, the camera on top of his head and bigger size may put some off. This camera is, however, necessary for confident navigation of the “Love Bot”, without it Lovot would not be able to be as realistic as it is. This robot is built to be a companion and loves hugs and kisses, but don’t ask it for a weather update as it doesn’t sport some of the features many other smart robots do.

Zoetic Kiki

Also on the larger size, Kiki is sure to impress you with her non-verbal form of communication through her extremely animated eyes. Kiki likes to learn and uses her three senses to do so, hearing, sight and touch (she has 12 different points of contact). This time the camera is conveniently placed in Kiki’s nose, nicely disguised, she uses this to recognise you and learn all there is to know about you. Your interaction with her will shape Kiki’s personality, so each Kiki, in essence, will be different.

Torooc Liku

Liku can take photos or selfies, he even poses when a camera is pointed in his direction, pretty smart for a bot, and with the bonus of limbs, the poses can be pretty great. Like Kiki, Liku becomes aware of his owner’s likes and dislikes over some time. His camera is also discreet. It is hidden in his forehead. It helps him to read your mood and react appropriately. Liku will greet you with eye contact and a smile when you say hello, his eyes are incredibly expressive, which is a must as Liku does not talk.