Using an iPad as your Second Screen

The world of technology manages to impress the most when we look for things that make our lives easier. Just look at the new Duet app that turns any iPad or even iPhone into a second display for your Pc or Mac. That’s right, working on the go has just become much more comfortable!

Those who’ve attempted travelling with a second screen might have come to the quick realization that luggage isn’t always handled with care. Most of the time, your second screen would be smashed, maybe not after the first trip, but the smallest mistakes happen, and eventually, you’ll be sorry.

Besides the fact that you’re putting the screen at risk, why would you want to travel with a monitor? Even a small 17-inch display becomes a hassle and takes up so much space, no matter where you pack it. Sure, you can use one of the cheap travel displays with USB and deal with the lagging and pour quality, or you can take advantage of the Retina screens app iPads have.

What is Duet and How Does it Work?

Duet is an application for iOS devices that’s available on both Mac and PC as well. You download the app on both devices, which then creates a connection to turn your iPad into a second display. The app costs $10 for the mobile device and is free for Windows and Mac.

Once installed on both devices, plug in the iPad via USB on your laptop or PC, wait for the app to connect automatically and agree to “trust this PC” if the message block appears. You’ll instantly see the iPad display the information on your PC or extend the displays (depending on the PC settings). If it’s not showing what you’d want it to, head into settings> presentations and click on the second screen. As with any other display, move the block to where your screen.

In the Duet app, you can set different resolutions and apply different settings. Some might experience lagging at higher resolutions, which could be a result of the PC not being fast enough, the USB port or the cable. For the best result, we recommend using a USB Type-C to Lightning cable, which is much faster than the standard USB speeds. If you still experience lag, it might be that your graphics card cannot handle it, is out of date or the iPad you’re using is a bit older.

Duet does come with wireless options as well. However, this includes an additional annual charge above the standard $10 flat rate. The broadcast opportunity connects the iPad to your PC via Bluetooth, which also offers excellent screen quality. However, there have been complaints about lagging as well. We’re sure Duet would provide updates regularly to improve the quality and lagging on the second screen. You have always been your app updated on both the iPad and PC for the best results.