Use your feet to track your fitness

I suspect most of you have heard of smart shoes. No, I’m not talking about church shoes, I’m talking about intelligent shoes. These are a much-needed accessory for all types of athletes and fitness fanatics. It is often difficult to part with your old faithful’s; they are comfortable, no longer give you blisters and match all your workout wear. So, let’s take a look at alternative options, these products will allow you the benefits of smart shoes, with the comfort of familiarity with your running shoes. Not having to fork out thousands of dollars every time you need to replace your runners is a bonus.

Smart Socks

The Sensoria fitness sock is one such option. Equipped with soft pressure sensors under the ball and heel of your foot and can tell you which one you are landing on in real-time. This allows you to check how you land on your foot while you run, to adjust your running style. These socks also alert you to your cadence (steps per minute). This is measured by your height, weight, the length of your legs and even your stride. These sensors, carefully placed, count how many steps you take and offer a metronome feature to keep you at your best pace.

MiCoach Speed Cell

This little device clips on to your shoe and connects to your smartphone. It inevitably turns your phone into a performance data analyser. And instead of disturbing you while you run, it gives you all the feedback you need after each session. The Speed Cell watches your every move and records all your movements, speed, distance, stride, and max speed. The app comes with a selection of training programs to choose from and becomes your trainer. With this smart device, you too can share your statistics and challenge your friends and family and gain in-game rewards for your workouts.

Smart Insoles

This invention slips into your shoe like any other inner sole, turning any regular pump into your trainer. Not only do they track, record, and analyse your workout, but they connect to the GPS on your phone to guide you on your preselected route. These soles were made for running. Like most of your other fitness trackers, they count your steps to calculate your calories burnt and the distance you have gone. Some of these soles can sync with Apple Health and Google app, and their battery lasts an extraordinary 15 days, on one charge.

Some Motivation

Should you want the convenience of an intelligent shoe, without the cost and impracticality of the actual shoe, you should consider the other, perfectly acceptable products. The best thing about the devices mentioned above is that they can be moved from shoe to shoe as your fitness increases, or your runners wear out. So do some research and weigh up all your options before diving for the “Clever Shoes”.