UK Police Taking Data from Victims of Crime

The Information Commissioner’s Office has released formal reports that indicate law enforcement in the United Kingdom has collected extensive amounts of data from smartphones. This data is obtained when policing units are completing their investigations, with victims of crime being the individuals affected by this tactic. Mobile handsets used by criminals cannot be reviewed without a court order. Similar laws aren’t enforced towards victims.

Named the “Mobile Phone Data Extraction Strategy”, the Information Commission herself is demanding that a statutory code of conduct be implemented against law enforcement. This follows after multiple victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and numerous other crimes being informed their cases wouldn’t be investigated unless mobile devices were handed over. Law enforcement doesn’t have the legal justification for approaching victims with these demands.

Multiple complaints were issued to the Information Commissioner’s Office, prompting a formal investigation into United Kingdom Police Forces to be initiated. Data revealed that law enforcement in Wales & England were inconsistent when collecting information from criminals, relying on digital interrogations for victims of crime. Statistics from ICO show that these tactics didn’t work for UK Law Enforcement. Police units obtained information on the beliefs, behaviour, career, relationship status, and salary of victims. ICO noted that this information doesn’t assist in police locating suspects of domestic abuse, or sexual assault. DNA Evidence has always been better suited.

Dangerous Approach

Activists in the United Kingdom have expressed concern towards the ICO Statistics. Unveiled data shows that law enforcement is illegally avoiding multiple Freedom Acts that are implemented in England & Wales, without any punishment towards these officers ensuing. Numerous victims of sexual assault & domestic abuse have been turned away for refusing to hand over their mobile device, leaving them without any explanation for years of suffering.

It also means criminals are being allowed to complete the same horrendous acts they’ve committed multiple times before. This inherently isn’t how a democracy is supposed to be run, with strategies of this nature falling more in life with communist mindsets. It’s not known if the Information Commissioner’s Office will have their request for a “Statutory Code of Conduct” met by the UK Government.