Two Factor Authentication – The Newest Way to Improve Security

It’s nearly impossible to not read or hear the words “two-factor authentications” nowadays. Family, friends, and random people on the internet are constantly stating the importance of improving the security to your personal accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your online banks to name the biggest ones. To put it simply, this new security requires you to remember your password as well as an additional code that only you should know to prevent any hacking or stolen information. Though for better security, downloading one of the many apps that are made for authentication may help.

One of the easiest ways that most people implicate is the usage of text messages. With this, a code will be messages to you each time you log into an app – through the ongoing issue of smartphone jailbreaking and hacking does make this option a bit risky at times. Plus, the ease of hacking a phone is only growing easier and is leaving so many more people vulnerable to having their sensitive information stolen. This can easily be seen with apps like Instagram where celebrities are getting hacked left and right and having private photos and information exposed.

However, there is some good news despite this. Many apps have had updates where two-factor authentications, which will be shortened to 2FA for convenience, have already implemented it through trusted third-party apps.

Types of 2FA and How to Use Them

There are a handful of trusted 2FA apps out there, the two most popular and ones that are commonly used are Authy and Google Authentication. Though, using password managers like LastPass offers this 2FA as well. Even Microsoft has its own version – so no matter the device, you can use 2FA for the added measure. Instead of having your phone blow up with texts, these apps will instead message a code, usually 6 digits long, that can sync and be used with all the accounts associated. Another plus side is that most of these 2FA don’t require having WI-FI or internet, so your usage isn’t limited in the least.

Though deciding which 2FA app to use can be a fun learning experience as each one offers different perks. Google works well with your Google accounts while using a company that takes security seriously, Authy has way more features that a modern, tech-savvy person will love – such as allowing the codes to be synced to a cloud server so no matter if you upgrade your devices – you won’t have to get new codes.

Using these apps is a simple process that anyone can understand. The first step? Find it in the app or google play store and download it. Afterwards, the apps will prompt you for your information, mainly a phone number. After that, just start syncing your information and begin paring each account until its secure with 2FA. One of the major upsides is that you can customise certain aspects to create the perfect 2FA security for your needs.