Twitter Favours Biden on Election Night

President Donald Trump found himself targeted by Twitter on 2020s Election Night. Tweets issued by POTUS indicated that the Democratic Party of America were working towards stealing the election. It prompted Twitter Moderators to label the tweet, an effective way of forcing account holders to delete that posting. Followers weren’t permitted to engage with this tweet either, as Twitter removed the reply & like options. When reviewing Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s account, posts weren’t hidden or labelled by Twitter.

The Facebook Company didn’t limit President Donald Trump’s posting capabilities. However, fact-checking was included in message boards & posts made by POTUS. It guaranteed that followers of Trump weren’t receiving false information on Election Night. Unlike Twitter, Facebook didn’t favour one Presidential Elect over the other. Joe Biden also had fact-checking included to his message boards & Facebook posts. Fact-checking included votes being counted live, and readers being informed which jurisdictions favour the Democratic or Republic Party.

False Claims of POTUS

President Donald Trump made numerous claims that were falsified & required correction. Social media services implemented their various forms of enforcement, with political analysts correcting Tweets made by POTUS on November 3rd. One of those Tweets suggested that Democrats were releasing large quantities of paper ballots and that his own had begun magically disappearing. Political analysts would explain via live broadcasts that ballots from both parties were still being counted and that local law enforcement is governing over voting booths. It means that leaving facilities with boxes of votes & not the designated volunteer uniform is impossible.

Facebook stated that after President Donald Trump had begun making premature claims of this nature, notifications were released through Instagram & Facebook. These notifications informed civilians that votes are continuously being counted and will then be recounted. Official numbers won’t be available until likely November 5th. Joe Biden sustaining victory over Donald Trump will inflict damaging outcoming for American politics. POTUS refused to leave office & demands he won’t transition smoothly out of power. This indicates that Military involvement will be required for the removal of President Donald Trump. The fallout of that decision would be additional Riots & Deaths throughout American.