[Tutorial] How To Move Apps To SD Card In HTC 620G

[Tutorial] How To Move Apps To SD Card In HTC 620G
In this tutorial, we will tell you how you can move apps to SD card in HTC 620G and 620G Dual SIM.
HTC 620G is an awesome smartphone, but just like many other new built smartphones with latest android, it doesn’t let you install or move apps in SD card by default. For moving or installing apps in SD card you have to change some settings in Desire 620G. Just follow this guide to do that.

Here Are The Steps You Should Follow To Install Apps In Your SD Card In HTC Desire 620G

Note: Android 4.4 And Above Doesn’t Allow To Move Apps In SD Card Storage And This Guide Will Tell You How To Install Apps Directly In SD Card. However, Not Every App Is Liable To Get Install In External Storage. 
Step 1
Open your app drawer and locate and open settings option.
Step 2
Go to “Storage” option and tap or open it.
Step 3
Now tap on “Default Write Disk” and choose  “SD Card or External Storage”.
Step 4
Now, re-install your Apps. Apps which can be written on SD card will be installed in external storage.
With this method you can’t move apps to SD card. For moving any app in your SD card, your device must be rooted.
Here is the guide to Root HTC 620G
If your device is rooted, then you can simply download Link2SD Application from Google play store and can move any app of your choice.