Top Tech Gifts Ideas

Already on a hunt for Christmas gifts or a special birthday gift? No matter someone’s hobbies or interest somewhere in the gadget world there exists the perfect gift. We rounded up all the most wanted gadgets perfect for the tech-savvy, the fitness devotee, avid TV or movie lover and maybe also something you could spoil yourself with after a year of hard work.

Fitness Devotee

The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is the perfect gift for the runner-in-training or anyone who would like to get into running, and currently, it retails at $199.95. This amazing smartwatch by Fitbit monitors the type of activity you participate in and provides personal coaching based on real-time statistics to motivate you to continue with your training program and achieve the best results, while it lasts over four days before needing a charge.

Vaping Enthusiast

If you know someone who often makes you think of Puff the Magic Dragon children’s program, then the Pax 3 Vaporizer at $199.95 could be just the gift. It is easy to use and offers a highly enjoyable experience to while being easy on the lungs.


Pre-teenagers are often the most challenging when it comes to the perfect gift, and the Swagtron Self-Balancing Scooter also available at $199.99 are a great gift it allows the pre-teen to wander around the neighbourhood and show-off. What makes this one super special is that Swagtron’s self-balancing hoverboard comes a 7.5 miles charge and with Bluetooth speakers.

The Pet Lover

If it’s too difficult to pinpoint someone’s interest in gadgets and they love pets, then there are simply no better options than the Whistle 3 Pet Tracker now available at main stores at $79.99. Any cat or dog owner goes into a panic when their pets wander off. The Whistle 3 includes a GPS tracker which keeps track of Fila while it also monitors the pets exercise levels.

Pop Culture Enthusiast

The Roku 4 Media Player and Remote is compatible with most major brands and provides one of the best movies and television-watching experiences and comes with HD streaming and 4K as well as a lost remote finder and a USB port.

Get the Couch Potato Something He/she would Simply Love

The LG 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV is the most stylish gift you could anyone that loves watching sports or films, and at $1,638.90, the OLED TV by LG is as sleek and picture perfect as it gets.

If You’re Friends with an Avid Instagrammer

For the Instagrammer, there is no better gift than the Fujifilm Instax Square Camera now available at around $200. The Instax is hardly a polaroid, and with its screen allowing the user to instantly filter and edit images, the results are always cool and really instagrammable.

Ensure You Enjoy the Best Meal at the Grill Master

Get your friend the new ThermoWorks Classic available at only $79.00 and enjoy the best food via the accurate readings offered by the thermometer created for professional kitchens. It’s the perfect gift for anyone serious about cooking perfection.