TikTok Constructing European Data Headquarters

Headlines regarding the operations of TikTok have grown tenfold since President Donald Trump targeted their parent company, ByteDance. This invoked the announcement that Microsoft is considering purchasing the application, maintaining global coverage over TikTok’s operations for an undisclosed figure. The concept of Microsoft buying TikTok hasn’t wavered ByteDance from furthering their global presence, refusing to accept Donald Trump’s stringent demands. This became warranted after ByteDance confirmed that they’re constructing a $500m data centre in Ireland. Messages, videos, and numerous other forms of data collected at this Ireland-based centre.

Consumer records were previously stored in the United States of America, with copies being reverted to Singapore. There is one factor that could save TikTok from being banned in America, that being Microsoft’s purchasing of the application. Donald Trump & his administration have found evidence of TikTok collecting American user data for their operational benefit. New nations like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia have also located similar evidence. ByteDance has continually denied working with the Chinese Communist Party, demanding that they’re a trustworthy corporation.

A Failed Commitment to Privacy

ByteDance has worked diligently to regain public trust, uttering their long-term commitment towards privacy. Continuous evidence is being released to disregard their diligent efforts. The list detailed below indicates which user data is collected by TikTok, which has been revealed through published proof.

  • The email address, passwords, phone numbers, and ages of users.
  • Social networking contacts & phone address books.
  • GPS Coordinates & IP Addresses.
  • Device details, including the handset model, operating system, and unknown identifiers.
  • Social media comments, videos, and photographs.
  • Internet browsing histories & Cookie collections
  • Third-party data from other installed applications.
  • Device details like screen tap rhythms & keystroke patterns.

Under the revealed evidence, President Donald Trump is unlikely to permit TikTok from storing & collecting information in the United States of America. Microsoft purchasing the application from ByteDance could resolve this problem but is highly unlikely with the minimal understanding of technology maintained by Donald Trump. Most analysts anticipate that Trump will have a hard time disassociating Microsoft’s collection tactics over ByteDance. The President has targeted American companies for their data collection as well, including Facebook & Amazon. This could be one acquisition that Microsoft wants to avoid.