The Security Risks with Ring

The Amazon Corporation has continually come under fire for the security practices regarding its ring system. These illegal practices included various employees acquiring data on consumers through the video-enabled security system. Another instance of unlawful practices was providing the data of consumers to police authorities in multiple states when these citizens hadn’t broken any laws. The Amazon Corporation recognized these issues in an official document that was sent to five senators in America. This document regarded the security practices of Ring and Amazon in the last four years.

Amazon confirmed that they’d received four internal complaints regarding employees that were acquiring data statistics on consumers. These individuals were legally provided access by Amazon to view the video data. However, they abused those privileges by exceeding the requirements for their job functions. Amazon specified that their Ring subsidiary had completed an extensive investigation regarding this incident and determined that four individuals had broken company policies. Subsequently, these individuals were terminated and removed from the premise. Analysts have begun speculating that these proprietors included individuals at the Ukraine-managed research & development team, who maintain unrestricted access. These incidents fell under the guidelines that broken Amazon regulation and Ukrainian law.

Detailed information regarding the internal practices of Ring was completed, which came after they denied that the R&D team maintained unlimited access. Falsifying information has prompted a significant concern regarding this delivery/video security system from Amazon. Senators in the United States are moving forward with Federal Investigations. Ring persists that they weren’t aware of the fundamental breach and believe that there isn’t a requirement for government associations to get involved. Unfortunately, this continues to raise significant red flags regarding the company’s internal operations.

Potential Update

It should be noted that the Ring Company plans to implement two-factor authentication. This will increase the security parameters regarding their security and delivery system. There haven’t been any announcements regarding an update to the Ring Systems. Until these new security features are implemented, millions are Americans become vulnerable to home-based attacks.

Considering that the Amazon Corporation has some of the worst customer services, don’t expect anything from their Ring subsidiary for months. We should clarify that Amazon and Ring have provided detailed information regarding homeowners in Georgia, Nevada and New York. This data is provided to local police departments, providing them with an active map for individuals owning this product. Home associations in the United States are suing the Ring Company for breach of privacy.