The Samsung Terrace Announced

Outdoor activities extend beyond conventional sports. Those with the perfect-esc backyard often implement design factors that exceed expectations. This will include an outdoor living space with sofas, a fireplace, and a television. Multiple manufacturers have their respective models for outdoor entertainment, including the Samsung Company. They’ve announced the latest edition to their “Lifestyle Line” named “The Terrace”. Additional models in this line include the Frame, Serif, and Sero.

Those purchasing the Terrace will obtain a TV with an IP55 Resistance Rating, meaning it supports formidable protection against dust and water. Samsung ensures that the screen won’t be glazed over by sunlight, with brightness capabilities reaching 2000Nits. There are three variations of the Samsung Terrace, including a 55-Inch, 65-Inch Model, and 75-Inch Model. Their cost varies between $3,455.00 and $6,499.00. Upgrades can increase the price of each model, with enhancements including an 8K Screen and Surround Sound Speakers. It should be noted that the associated cost with the Terra is minimal in comparison to other manufacturers in the outdoor entertainment space.

Samsung’s Interpretation

The Terrace is an innovative television set within its own space. Samsung has created a product that defeats the elements while maintaining a sleek and modernized design. Most outdoor television sets require specialized components to obtain their electrical output. Samsung has ported over the standard AC Outlet & Mounting Options with their indoor televisions to the Terrace. These attributes are factored into the 59 Millimetre Depth.

The Terrace Panel is identical to the QLED TVs from Samsung’s Upper-End indoor units. It supports 4K video, which is transmitted through conventional methods like WiFi and Bluetooth. When watching movies or shows on the Terrace during the night, Samsung has thought ahead and provided local dimming. This works based on your local GPS Weather Information, allowing Samsung to lower the brightness with the respective darkness around the Terrace. This TV will also inform users that unfavourable weather systems are impending, allowing owners to hide the Terrace from the elements.

Samsung has released the Terrace to Canadian and American markets. It’s expected to release in Q3 2020 for Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. Samsung noted in their reveal of the Terrace that a professional-grade model will be released in Q4. Expect higher price tags will this model.