The Qualcomm X60 Modem Unveiled

Telecommunication infrastructures for 5G wireless signals are beginning to be implemented worldwide. This was followed by multiple infrastructure manufacturers announcing new modems to cellular providers worldwide. Qualcomm is the most recent, with the unveiling the Snapdragon X60-5G Modem. It’s being developed from processing technologies listed at five nanometres, which allowed for power consumption to be lowered and for climate footprints to be minimal with handsets. Their latest modem follows the same guidelines as the X55-5G Modem, meaning it can engage with 2G to 5G networks in condensed areas. Qualcomm confirmed that these modems would work best in locations like NYC, London, Chicago, Dubai and other metropolises.

Most technology experts were anticipating increased speeds with the Qualcomm X60 modem, with the exact opposite being confirmed after their announcement. Representatives with Qualcomm expressed that the X60 will maintain network speeds of 7.5 Gigabytes, with uploading capabilities listed at 3 Gigabytes. When comparing this model to its predecessor, the Qualcomm X55, there is a minimum increase in speed. The X55 maintains 7 Gigabyte internet speeds, with uploading capabilities identical at 2.9 Gigabytes. Where the increased benefits apply is the processing power behind the X60, which can handle a considerably larger infrastructure. It should be noted that any modem updates in the coming years will primarily rate to an increase in wireless distance. Experts estimate that speeds can’t exceed 8 gigabytes under the current mainframe.

Those requiring the simplified version shouldn’t be ashamed, with modem technologies being some of the most confusing around internet protocols. What the Qualcomm X60 accomplishes is expanding your 5G coverage across North America. Consumers owning handsets that operate under this network will receive increased capacity as well, meaning thousands can access bandwidths simultaneously in the same area. This substantially benefits locations like New York City, Barcelona, Miami and Houston.

The Conversion Rate

It’s anticipated that 74.9% of mobile handset consumers will switch over to new devices by 2023. Qualcomm’s X60 Modem Infrastructure will be sported with every available product in North America, Europe and Asia by three-years time. The Qualcomm Company has actively pushed towards the development of 5G technology, urging smartphone manufacturers to implement their chipsets. Qualcomm has engaged with every handset developer for their respective 5G growth, with the exception being Huawei. It should be noted that their most recent modem was slated to be announced at the 2020 Mobile World Conference, that was before it was terminated for fears of a coronavirus outbreak.