Tech Conglomerates Stand with Hong Kong Users

The Chinese Communist Party has fought towards the acquisition of Hong Kong for decades. Efforts have often proven unfavourable for Chinese Leaders, that was until July 2020. The Hong Kong Government & Chinese Communist Party worked together to release a security extradition law, which imposes significant threats onto those in Hong Kong & international communities engaging with this area. Several nations have publicly criticized the actions of China, which will turn a democratic state into a communist regime. It’s this exact concern that prompted two years of riots & protests amongst the Hong Kong people.

International corporations are now abolishing their connections to the CCP. Social media brands like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and TikTok have confirmed their servers throughout China will be shut down by weeks end. WhatsApp will also terminate their online connections throughout the Chinese borders. These brands have subsequently put significant pressure onto other tech conglomerate’s that aren’t as eager to abolish Chinese partnerships. This is primarily the Apple Company, who haven’t hesitated to make continuous contract agreements with Chinese retailers.

Media personnel with Apple indicated that their employer had met requests from the Hong Kong Government, which was maintained throughout January to June 2020. After the new security law has been imposed, Apple doesn’t plan to terminate contracts that were made less than two weeks ago. It’d create long-lasting, adverse effects on international security with iPhone owners. Hong Kong-developed applications will now actively track information on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. iPhone users are recommended not to install any Chinese or Hong Kong-designed applications moving forward.

The Telegram Company was questioned by the BBC, with media personnel requesting the corporation’s insight into the new security saw. It was promised that the privacy concerns of Hong Kong residents are a significant issue that their understanding of, prompting the company not to process “Data Requests” for the Chinese Community Party.

Facebook has shifted between their thoughts on the new security law. It was first mentioned that data requests wouldn’t be processed for the CCP any longer. Facebook reverted those remarks & suggested they’d consider a possible ban. Business analysts suspect that Mark Zuckerberg was convinced by President Xi not to move forward with data requests. Any consumer of Facebook could now become known & recorded by the Chinese Community Party.