Tech Companies Called to White House for Coronavirus Assistance

Representatives with the worlds most prominent tech companies met together through a teleconference with the White House on March 11th. This meeting pertained to the coronavirus outbreak and their response towards the pandemic. Participants in this meeting included Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft.

This information came directly from the White House, with the US Chief Technology Office organizing this meeting. Topics of discussion included leveraging technological assets to guarantee that medical information provided through their respective platforms are directly from the coronavirus-literature database of scholarly. This database has been reviewed by the White House and will be released nationally in the coming days.

The White House’s formal statement emphasized that the American people’s health and safety amongst the COVID-19 pandemic is a top priority. It was noted that technology companies would use their online platforms in a critical manner that ensures public safety. This has included Facebook terminating advertisements with falsified information. The public announcement finished with citizens being informed that an initial strategy has been put forward.

Details regarding this teleconference were revealed by the Washington Post, with it being noted that the length of this meeting exceeded two hours. A substantial portion of these discussions pertained to coronavirus conspiracy theories with social media platforms and how they can be terminated going forward. It should be noted that additional participants in this meeting included IBM, Cisco and TechNet. They had representatives present at the conference in-person, which extended to Amazon and Microsoft as well.

It should be mentioned that numerous technology companies like Facebook have terminated their presence at multiple conferences. Facebook wouldn’t appear at the PAX East Expo, with this extending to Google recently cancelling their yearly international conference. Google, I/O’s cancellation, rocked the tech industry, with analysts indicating that this was a serious sign that financial markets would soon see substantial declines. Those analysts were correct, with markets experiencing a “Black Monday” on March 9th.

Global Pandemic

One of the critical pieces of information relating to the coronavirus is that there are two strains affecting people worldwide. One strain resembles the common flu, with the secondary being more deadly and causing respiratory illnesses that can induce death. There have been more than 4300+ thousand individuals that have died for the coronavirus pandemic, with an additional 120+ thousand being infected. Recently two hundred people died in one day within Italy, prompting Donald Trump to enact travel restrictions on the entirety of Europe.