SSL: Internet security importance and cyberattacks

SSL: Internet security importance and cyberattacks

Staying safe and secure when using the internet is one of the biggest concerns for website owners and users alike.

Cyber attackers are continually developing ways to hack into websites and grab sensitive personal data to use in illegal ways.

However, an SSL certificate allows your browser to establish a secure connection to the websites you visit. Read on we as look at the importance of internet security.

How does SSL protect you?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a procedure that verifies that the website you are visiting is legitimate and owned by the correct company.

This is particularly pertinent for sites that accept online payments. For instance, the best online casino sites deal in a huge amount of financial transactions every day, meaning it is hugely important that users can trust the places they are visiting.

An SSL certificate tells visitors that they are accessing the correct site and helps keep sensitive personal data away from cyber attackers. SSL gives gambling operators and other site owners the peace of mind that they are offering their users a secure service.

Visitors to a site are much more likely to complete an online purchase if it has an up-to-date and verifiable SSL certificate.

How does the system work?

When you visit a website you connect to it via your chosen browser. This makes a request to the web server to acknowledge that it is a legitimate site.

A copy of the SSL certificate is sent to the browser to be checked whether it is can be trusted or otherwise. If the browser is happy with what is presented, an SSL encrypted session will be launched.

Users can then proceed with the session safe in the knowledge that all the information they share will be kept from cyberattacks.

Having an SSL certificate also helps a site’s search ranking, with Google now marking all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’.


An SSL certificate gives websites an increased level of credibility. Users are more likely to complete purchases from a secure site and also return again in the future.

In an age where cyber attackers have become increasingly adept at hacking sites, SSL technology is undoubtedly an essential security feature.