Spotify’s Fight with Joe Rogan Increases

The Joe Rogan Podcast has received an influx of criticism from the internal staff at Spotify. Issued complaints suggest that employed personnel at Spotify are growing concerned over Joe Rogan’s guests, with his most recent being Alex Jones. The Joe Rogan Podcast has received numerous complaints from Spotify employees since being bought out by the platform for $100 Million. Rogan has ignored these complaints, standing-by his standard format of podcasting.

Spotify personnel have demanded that Alex Jones get banned from any services operated by the platform. Nobody working at Spotify HQ in Sweden had expected Alex Jones to appear on the Joe Rogan Podcast. The Alex Jones Podcast was banned from Spotify in 2018 over hate speech & racism, which Rogan wasn’t aware of before electing his latest guest. Internal reports from employees not against Joe Rogan were released & when Spotify was questioned on the issued complaints, refusal to comment was stated.

The Joe Rogan Podcast discussed multiple topics with Alex Jones during a three-hour session. Those topics included exposure to the coronavirus, how effective masks could genuinely be against Covid, and if vaccines could cause risk to the general public. Alex Jones is known for spreading false information that holds no scientific merit, which was displayed again during the show. Joe Rogan would fact check all discussions after the three-hour session to guarantee listens knew accurate information. However, it’s analyzed that 74.22% of listeners don’t engage with the fact-checking portion of Joe Rogan’s Podcast.

The Ignorance of Rogan

America’s Centre of CDH (Countering Digital Hate) issued a press release regarding Joe Rogan’s latest episode. CEO Imran Ahmed emphasis that Rogan is profiting from the exposure of false information, that to obtain Ad Dollars in a desperate campaign for show supporters, Rogan is permitting America’s to receive inaccurate data regarding COVID-19. CEO Ahmed evoked that Rogan has proven himself a man with cynical morals that jeopardize the nation.

The Joe Rogan Podcast have struggled to find their place with Spotify. Corporate executives have released numerous internal forms to Joe Rogan, demanding that removed content be altered amid escalating complaints. Known for his MMA Commentating & Stand-Up Comedy careers, Rogan has continually ignored these complaints after receiving $100 million from Spotify.