Sports Gadgets 2019

At the end of every year, we set ourselves new year resolutions. I can guarantee you that everyone has a goal that has something to do with health. Some may want to lose weight, some may want to get fit, or some may want to start playing a sport. We are more than ½ way through 2019…how is that working for you? Well, so far, my plan has crashed and burned, the intention was there, the motivation was there but so were the long hours at work, studies, house payments and extra jobs.

So, I have decided to try again. “Keep trying”, “never give up”, “the only failure is not trying at all”, “if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again” and all those other clichés. So, I turned to research, and it produced a few cool sporting gadgets that may aid in reaching my target and assist you in reaching yours.

The Skulpt Scanner

Sounds fantastic, sounds like an infrared machine that shoots out a red beam to melt fat away. Well, it isn’t, there is no quick and effortless way to accomplish the weight loss fete. If fact its proven best to lose slowly for the weight to stay off longer. So, the excellent idea is to draw up a plan, stick to it and record your progress, the good and the bad weeks. The Skulpt Scanner helps you understand your body composition and its changes. It measures your body mass index (BMI), your muscle quality and your fitness level. It can measure 24 areas of your body and track your toning progress.

Bluetooth Earphones

A favourite amongst many training sportsmen and women, a universal concept is that you can push yourself for more extended if you are not 100% focused on what you are doing. Everybody knows everything is better with a little music. And without wires bouncing around and slapping you in your face, it helps commit to an effective workout. Bluetooth earphones, although not new to the gadget world, have improved in quality in 2019. They now have the added benefit of being able to count your reps.

Smart Shoes

Who would have thought? What a brilliant idea! When training or exercising one will always don foot ware, unless performing martial arts or gymnastics, so why not make them smart? Smart shoes get their power from a battery and automatically tighten your shoelaces. They also regulate the temperature in your shoes and track activity. The intelligent shoe app allows one to check on progress, vitals, activities completed, burned calories, and travelled distance.