Sport Model Teased by Xiaomi Watch

Xiaomi Watch, a subsidiary to its parent company that develops smartphones for the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, has announced a new lineup of products. The most notable product in their showcase is the Mi Watch, which is slated to be a sports model that will mimic similar features to the Apple Watch Series Four. This new product has been teased online, showing rounded ended and glass protection that’s identical to Apple’s products. This glass protection will have scratch-resistant properties, ensuring lifelong usage amongst its consumers. There is also a digital crown with a stainless steel design that will come in three colours. Xiaomi Watch can copy the design of Apple’s Watches by operating in China, which doesn’t have to obey Product Licensing Laws. However, this means a cheaper product that is similar in its features for market consumers. It’s anticipated that the watch will be released for the upcoming holiday season.

Features & Accessories

Xiaomi Watch Incorporated also noted that this smartwatch would be designed with mapping navigation, allowing for GPS Technologies to be built into the product. However, it’s unknown how Xiaomi will harvest the GPS Location Data compiled from these technologies. Other notable features that this product enables are for users to send text messages, make calls, play short games and view photographs through Bluetooth technology. All of this will be possible through the MIUS Operating System, which is being maintained on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100. All connectivity features include NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

There are also round-edged dynamic wallpapers available for this product, with multiple wrist straps correlating with those designs. Strap colours include Black, White, Red, Blue, Silver and Golf. The watch will be released to the Chinese Public on November 5th, with an unannounced date for Middle Eastern customers and International Clientele.

Xiaomi’s Past

Xiaomi is a Chinese Smartphone Corporation, similar to Huawei. Just like their main competitors, this company has been caught collecting their customer’s personal information on a significant level. At first, this was happening primarily in North America but has grown to be a worldwide operation. It was revealed that Xiaomi has been collecting the Passport Details, Driver License Details and Banking Information through numerous devices. This was their biggest downfall as a corporation since becoming operational. Their data collection extends to reviewing social media, collecting text messages, recording phone calls, and studying your driving history.

This level of collection is considered to be a significant crime on an international scale. Unfortunately, since China is a communist regime, they don’t have to abide by the laws governed internationally. This hasn’t stopped numerous countries from banning their products, with the United States and Canada anticipated to follow in 2020. This would mimic similar issues that occurred with Huawei in 2019. There isn’t any workaround to the collection data policy, with those opting out of agreement can’t use device features on Xiaomi Phone or Tablets. Their reasoning behind this is that consumers shouldn’t have anything to hide. However, consumers argue that there isn’t any reason why a company should collect such levels of data and they’re correct.