Sony Xperia News – Rumour has it

This article is purely for all the Sony Xperia lovers out there, especially those who are big into the Virtual Reality applications and games. Like there are consumers loyal to Samsung and iPhones, there are those who cannot go without their Sony Xperias. So below we have some interesting leaked information giving us something to look forward to shortly, or so we have heard via the grapevine.

Sony Xperia 1R J8220

In February this year, the Sony Xperia 1 was announced claiming to be the world’s first phone with 21:9 OLED display producing 4K resolution. But now rumours have surfaced of a highly enigmatic smartphone dubbed the 1R with support for a 5K resolution. Speculations lead many to believe this mysterious phone will be revealed in September at the IFA 2019. Sony is also expected to announce the Xperia 2, Xperia 20 and Xperia 20 Pro at the same event. There is however no evidence of what name will be given to the J8220; it could debut as Xperia 2, Xperia 1R or a completely different title.

Market Leaders with 5k

Sony could very well be working on a 5k screened phone with the model number J8220, without much certainty it is being referred to as the R1 but could also be the Xperia 2. It is valuable to state that in 2015, Sony also launch the world’s first 4k display smartphone, making them the market leader then, and if rumours are correct, the market leaders now. The design of this phone hasn’t changed much but reports a smaller screen, leaving many of us scratching our heads.

UAProf Leaked

Seen in a UAProf the resolution is 5040 x 2160px so the aspect ratio is 21:9 on a 6.1” screen, meaning the new 5K display will have roughly 70% more pixels and an astounding 899ppi. A UAProf, aka User Agent Profile, is a document containing information on the device capabilities. It is a standard that is defined and maintained by the OMA, Open Mobile Alliance. These UAProfs are stored in the profile repository, a server, and are preserved by the manufacturer. This means a UAProf describing Sony’s mobile devices will be stored in a repository maintained by Sony themselves.

Possible Specs

Further rumours have consumers believing this phone will be run by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor, assisted by 4 – 6gb of RAM, 128gb memory and a 3200mAh battery supporting wireless charging and triple rear-facing cameras at 12mp each.

One thing this item will be missing, like the Xperia before it, is the headphone jack, so wireless headphones will be necessary for listening to your favourite playlist, which leads one to wonder if there will be FM Radio capabilities. The tiny battery with high resolution is worrisome to some consumers, perhaps leaving out the wireless charging to make space for a bigger battery would be a more favourable move.