SolarWinds Orion Network Attacked by Opposing Nation

Cybernetic firmware is becoming more sophisticated & capable of defending itself from attacks. Encrypted codes block outside sources from entering major online networks, operated by either largescale corporations or government agencies. An announcement was issued by the Treasury Department & Homeland Security of America, with both institutions confirming an unknown source had cyberattacked them.

Thousands have been affected by the bread. The announcement confirmed that SolarWinds Orion was the platform cyberattacked. SolarWinds Orion detailed that eighteen thousand had been affected by this breach, a small percentage of their overall customer base. Executives contracted with SolarWinds Orion noted that initial findings suggest the Russian government is involved. Response from the Russian’s was seen hours later, defending themselves by evoking Homeland Security & SolarWinds hadn’t any credible information.

Details weren’t provided on which information was exposed & stolen by the unknown attackers. It’s known what the purpose behind this attack was, with solutions being implemented & the opposing force eliminated from network access. Information regarding the attack was reported first with Reuters & the Washington Post. Minimal data on the affected customers have been provided by SolarWinds Orion, with largescale entities like America’s Treasury Department & Homeland Security Agency confirming they’d been affected.

The United States National Institute of Health was also hacked, with critical information on Covid-19 Vaccines being copied. Government agencies sustaining data on the Covid-19 Vaccination have found themselves targeted regularly by cyberattacks. Most attacks originate from Russia or China, falling in-line with the suggestive claims made by SolarWinds.

Concerns for Britain

America isn’t the entire nation targeted through this international attack. Concern has grown for Great Britain, with the Government Communication Headquarters monitoring the SolarWinds platform to guarantee additional attacks aren’t commenced on British bandwidth. It’s known that multiple agencies in the United Kingdom access the SolarWinds Orion platform, prompting concern that malware initiated during the cyberattack will affect the United Kingdom.

Concerns are largescale because SolarWinds Orion enables “IT Support Staff” to access corporate networks via third-party computers in other nations. Affected parties from the recent attack indicate that malware was initiated to provide hackers back-door access to all customers on the SolarWinds platform. Advisement was issued to FireEye hours after they’d informed multiple agencies they’d been attacked, which emphasised the attack had arrived from an offshore entity & was manually executed based on company security.