Social Media Growing During COVID-19

Billions worldwide remain locked indoors to avoid the novel coronavirus pandemic. It’s prompted these individuals to inquire about new hobbies, engage with entertainment platforms, and consume community information through social media platforms. These social media services comprise comical entertainment, critical information, and global issues into one location.

TikTok has become the most notable social media platform with extensive growth. Analytic Groups have reviewed over the download statistics regarding TikTok, revealing that this application has been downloaded 2.1 billion times since launch. 315 million registrations occurred throughout the pandemic, with those numbers collected through the iOS App Store and Google Play Marketplace. It should be noted these valuations would’ve been higher if China didn’t block statistics from nation-exclusive application stores. Sensor Tower was the analytic group in charge of this review, indicating that the majority of installs were in the United States and India.

Social media has continuously grown in its active userbases when a global issue unfolds. This has applied towards Political Campaigns, Present-Time Wars, Political Uprising’s, and Gun Violence. That’s why analytic investigators weren’t surprised by the immediate boost in social media consumption. Sensor Tower indicated that Snapchat saw an additional eleven million registrations, with their director competitor obtaining a higher influx of growth. Marco Polo’s consumer base grew by 745% during the 1st quarter. TikTok is the exclusive platform to match similar valuations to Marco Polo, with both beginning to dominate the social media space.

Facebook’s Surge

One of the most notable social media networks also saw influxes of inactivity, with the Facebook company reporting that their 2020 1St Quarter Valuations have exceeded expectations. This is because former account holders and new registrants have engaged with their various platforms. Facebooks operates the Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram social media services. PR Representatives with the Facebook Company noted that Messenger and WhatsApp had seen usage increases at 50%. It’s estimated that 700+ million calls are made through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger per day.

Investors with the Facebook Company were informed that this expected growth is temporary, with standard valuations anticipated when the pandemic is concluded. That’s because consumers will return to healthy lives and avoid social media, which is often related to stress.