Smartest Travel Bag Ever

The Bluesmart travel bag is referred to as the bag with a brain, and once you’ve used it, one thing is for sure that there simply is no better way to describe it. The Bluesmart carry-on knows everything about its companion while it revolutionises the way jet-setters go about their business since the amazing phone app unlock or locks the bag remotely, it tracks its location, notifies its owner and even weighs itself.

Impressive Features Unique to Bluesmart Travel Bag

Amongst its range of truly impressive features, the digital locking mechanism stands out, it is TSA approved, which means airport security have access to the luggage without the need to damage the bag. The built-in battery allows easy phone charging or quick charging of your notebook or tablet, and charging can take place six times should it be needed, or you are stranded without any other charging options.

Durable, Waterproof & Strong

One thing the Bluesmart designers have not neglected is both the aesthetics and durability of the bag which comes with a light and strong three-layered polycarbonate shell. Zippers are waterproof and what adds to its robust structure is the anodised aluminium handle whilst the travel bag looks great complemented via its black and blue accents.

Major Benefits and Disadvantages

Major benefits part of the Bluesmart travel bag is its gadget charging onboard battery, easy access offered to dedicated device areas and seamless movement offered via four wheels. Yet such luxury and convenience do come at a considerable cost of around £350 and at times the built-in battery does attract the attention of the airport security officers.

Bluesmart Carry-On Dimensions

The Bluesmart carry-on bag is 35.6 centimetres wide, 55.9 centimetres in height and 22.9 centimetres in length. It weighs 3.99 kg and has several compartments including one specially created for a laptop, and others for shoes and shirts.

The Idea Behind Bluesmart Carry-On

One of the most stressful travelling experiences is with airlines. Travellers know well in advance that it is going to be a long sit in the same position and there is a long list of things that could go wrong, which in most cases can include losing your luggage or finding out there is a delay. The Bluesmart is designed to eliminate most of the traveller’s concerns as the carry-on bag can be monitored or tracked.

Traceable & Trackable Bluesmart Travel Bag

Due to the revolutionary technology the Bluesmart travel bag can be monitored and controlled from your phone. If the bag is separated from the owner for any reason it can be re-routed as its location can be tracked via its GPS & 3G, so even if it is snatched by thieves, it can be located. Its 3G & GPS is global coverage by Telefonica and Bluesmart owners are not required to pay a fee for this service. With Bluesmart, smart travelling reached an exceptionally high level of security and convenience.