Smart TV vs. Media PC

Technology in smart TVs have become much more advanced over the last few years as they now provide just about all the same features that you’ll find on other devices, including some media computers. However, does it really pay to buy a smart TV instead of just using a laptop or small PC such as the Apple Mini for all your media content?

Well, to find out, we had to put them both to the rest and see what it’s all about. The TVs are certainly not far hind the computer, but it’s hard to justify the much higher price just because of the “Smart” logo on the box. Of course, the TV would include apps, much like you get on your phone, allowing quick access to Netflix, the browser and much more, which is great.

With a mini computer, on the other hand, it just seems as if even more options and features are available. Sure, it’s not all a sign unit as the TV and you might need to get creative with the cables, but other than that, the mini PC doesn’t take up much more space. In fact, most just use some double sided tape and stick the mini PC box to the back of the TV, hiding it completely.

So, when it comes to features and compatibility, which is the better choice and what will last longer?


This is the most important as you’d want your system to have access to a range of features without any hassle. Sure, right now you might think Netflix is enough, but it won’t take long before you start to wonder what else is possible.

As mentioned, the TVs are great and they actually come with loads of apps and a browser that sets you surf the web, Facebook and even Tweet, all straight from your TV. Some of them even come with a camera built in, allowing your Skype experience to advance to a new level.

When compared to a computer, it’s rather difficult to make the TV look like the better choice. Not only are more apps and programs available with the PC, but you can also use it for many other things, including downloads while watching, setting up wireless syncing and everything the TV can do already.

Lasting Longer

The great thing about a computer is the fact that you can upgrade is, install SSDs and much more, making it faster and able to keep up with what you need it for. You can even replace the whole PC, plug in your hard drive, boot it up and carry on where you left off before upgrading or replacing.

With a smart TV, it might not be quite as easy. In fact, there is no upgrading it or making it more compatible, unless you get a smart box, in which case what’s the point of the smart TV? When the smart TV gets old and starts to get a little slow, the only way to keep up would be to replace it, meaning you once again need to download tour apps, sign in and get the TV setup the way it was before.