Smart Rings

If you are anything like me, you feel quite claustrophobic when you have something tight around your wrist. That poses a problem when you are deep into your fitness and like to track it. Smartwatches help with the tracking of heart rate, step counting, fat burning, sleep quality and some even answer calls for you. Unfortunately for people like me, those smart, fitness tracking watches have to be pretty tight on your wrist to monitor your pulse. I may have just found the solution to my problem and those of others with the same challenges. The Smart Ring!

Discreet but handy

The development of smart rings has taken a while, and they are still being improved on today. Due to their small and slim characteristics, it’s not easy to shove a whole lot of tech into them. However, with ongoing research and development and some top-notch start-ups, it is possible to find a stylish ring for you and your partner.

Motiv Ring

Coming in at a whopping price of approximately £200, you would expect something amazing. And the Motiv has quite a bit to offer. It is compatible with both the iPhone and Android, and it is a looker. It is 8mm wide and comes in several sizes and fancy colours. These colours include rose gold, charcoal grey, and titanium. This crafty little ring counts steps, active minutes, and it can check your heart rate. Its enduring battery lasts five days. For those who enjoy a good swim, a sauna, or a snorkel, it is waterproof up to 50m. Motiv has also introduced gestures to log into your social media accounts, much better than talking to your figure.
Features that make it one to look at:

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Packed with fitness tech
  • Oura Ring

The Oura Ring can be bought for £275, and although more expensive than the Motiv, it comes in second. The developers raised funds to manufacture this ring and showed their thanks by sending some samples to the donators. This ring works with an app that monitors your sleep and gives you a score to start the day. The better the score, the more chance you have of making it through the day. The Oura Ring also takes liberties and offers you the advice you did not ask for but do need. It is like having your mom on your finger.
It sports two models and sizes vary from 6 to 13 (US). The second model of the ring is sleeker than the first. It may be more costly than the Motiv, but it holds several sensors, including infrared to measure your pulse. The sensors provide information on:

  • Your readiness for the day
  • Your quality of sleep
  • Your daily Activity