Samsung Rumoured to Release Note 10 Lite

Samsung Electronics Company, one of the largest technology conglomerates worldwide, could be releasing a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This information comes after constant rumors from inside sources on Reddit. It was officially confirmed when Samsung released updated supported pages for the Note 10, which included assistance for the Lite Model. This guarantees that a new iteration of this phone is nearing its final production phase.

The support page listing was first implemented on their Spanish website. Here, the product is listed as the “SM-N770F/DS” for its official name. SamMobile, one of the most trustworthy leakers online, previously stated that this would see the product name for the Note 10 Lite. Combining these two pieces of information, analysts noticed that this was the first time in the Samsung Electronic Companies history for listing a mobile phone by its coded name. There is a small percentage that SamMobile is incorrect and that this model number pertains to another version of the Note 10, not just the lite model.

The Potential

The leaks condemned by SamMobile are rarely incorrect. Taking that into consideration, mobile phone analysts have begun to discuss what might the handset specifications include at launch. It’s known that all lite models in Samsung’s lineup are downgraded from their predecessors. Subsequently, this means that the screen quality will drop down to standard high definition and build quality will move from metal to plastic. These are minor changes for the cost benefits receives, which are often decreased by $300 to $500 in North American and European markets.

The official confirmation of this device from the Samsung Corporation is slated to come in Q1 2020. The launch event is rumored to be hosted in India, where it’s also suspected that Samsung will announce the S10 Lite as well. This could give consumers in low-grade areas like India, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and the continent of Africa. With all rumors and past release dates accounted for, fans can anticipate the Note 10 and S10 Lite to be released by March 2020.