Samsung Note 9 vs. iPhone 10s Max

Samsung Note 9 vs. iPhone 10s Max

Both the iPhone 10s Max and Samsung’s Note 9 starts off with a price tag of around $1,000, which is a hefty price to pay but certainly introduces impressive features to justify the price. For the base model at that price, the Samsung seems to lead as it comes with double the amount of storage at 128gb and offers the option to expand with the SD card reader.

Of course, other options are available with a few hundred more, including the much bigger 512gb internal storage and another 2gb of ram on the Samsung. The additional $250 won’t be worth spending right now as the standard model impresses with lightning fast responses to each touch and app launch. However, if you’re considering the Note 9 for a long-term device, the addition would certainly provide better future proofing. The iPhone also comes with additional options in storage, presenting up to 512gb for another $450. The higher price tag doesn’t change anything else on the phone, making the Samsung seem like a winner already, or does it?

The Build and Design

Starting from the outside, both these devices offer excellent build quality with high-grade and strong glass in the back and front, which is accommodated by a metal band around the edge.
The overall looks of the phones are great in both cases, but it’s almost as if the iPhone just has a higher quality look to it. Not only does it have the chrome metal band that just adds a touch of elegance, but the neat finishes at the bottom and the back certainly makes it stand out.

The design on these devices is similar as well, but there are various aspects of each phone that makes it unique. Of course, both offer huge screens, but it comes down to what you prefer as both phones present edge to edge screens. The Samsung includes the curved screen while the iPhone amazes with the edge to edge screen with the small notch at the top for the front-facing camera.

Once again, the iPhone wins with design as it’s just amazingly pretty and well rounded, but the Samsung might be preferable since it offers a headphone jack, stylus and the impressive curved edge display.


Starting with the iPhone Xs Max, you’ll get an amazingly attractive configuration that includes the latest A12 bionic chipset along with 4gb of ram and the standard 64gb storage, which is available in 256 and 512 as well.

The Samsung Note 9 might be just even more impressive as the $1,000 phone offers more than the iPhone. It comes with the Snapdragon 845 chip and 6gb of ram with the standard phone, which increases to 8gb when buying the bigger model. It’s available with 128gb storage or 512gb and can be increased with the SD card.

Overall, this is a draw between the phones as the iPhone simply dominates with the powerful CPU, but the Samsung has the advantage when it comes to storage. However, when it comes to actually using the phones for multiple apps and games, the iPhone’s true advantage begins to shine through with the chip it features.


Once again, the devices are very similar when it comes to screens as well. Both offer incredible crisp detail with their Amoled displays, but the Samsung leads that touch of additional detail, thanks to the 516 PPI vs the 458 PPI on the iPhone. However, the iPhone offers a 6.5-inch screen whereas the Samsung presents a 6.4-inch.