Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

With the Fold finally releasing on April 26th 2019, we are a little sceptical about just how good the phone/tablet would be and if it’s worth the neat $2,000 price tag. There are already a few demo models in the market, and we’ve seen some significant problems with the device, which shouldn’t be there a few days before the launch.

Not only have we see the screen break from something betting between the hinges, but we also saw problems with the what seems to be screen protector that’s on the tablet side of the device. If you pull it off, it messes up the phone completely. On top of that, the plastics of the phone picks up scratches and dings quickly, making it something you’ll need to be careful with; like we need more of that.

Even with these issues, which we’re sure Samsung will come to perfecting before the launch, we can’t help but fall in love with the concept of the device. The front screen is way too small and reminds us of the old Nokia E90, which also folded open to reveal the full keyboard and display. While this is much different, the front screen seems a little pointless.

Then again, whatever you’re going in the front can instantly jump to tablet mode by simply opening the display, making us think of the front screen more of a notification screen or to see who is calling. It’s not like the front display cannot do everything your current phone does, it just seems pointless to anything instead of open it up in tablet mode.

It’s simply brilliant to have the large 7.3 screen that folds up and fits in your pocket. It’s just a bit smaller than the iPad Mini, making it an ideal solution for everything you need to do on the move while the rest you can check out on your PC or TV at home.

The settings are also high as you can change the font sizes and get even more real estate out of the screen. For example, with less zoom, you get tabs in the browser like you’d see with a PC and there are multiple folders available in your email, making it so much easier to use.

The Bad

There’s no denying that the fold line is there. Not only can you feel it while scrolling, but you’ll see it as well. Sure, they might not be able to make it disappear all the way just yet, but we’re strictly looking at what you get for that huge price tag.

On top of that, the considerable nudge for the cameras is annoying. It does have the option to adjust the software and make your screen smaller to hide it, but who wants that? The point is, the Fold is a great technology, but it just doesn’t seem like technology has advanced enough for Samsung to bring quality with the launch just yet.