Samsung Galaxy A70 Review

Finally, Samsung released its A70, which many have been waiting for a long time. The device comes in at a much lower price than their flagship phones but doesn’t fall behind by much at all. It comes in at around US$400, more than half the cost of the S10 Max, yet the phone has just about all the same features and doesn’t disappoint with speed either. Let’s have a look at what the Galaxy A70 has to offer and why it should be a phone worth considering.

What’s in the Box

Sure, most are more concerned about what the phone can do, but it’s worth starting at the box as Samsung includes a new charger that pumps out an impressive 25w, which is much higher than the regular 15w. This means your phone charges a lot faster without using those “fast charging” cables and plugs that end up damaging the battery.

The charger doesn’t use USB to USB type-C anymore either. Instead, you get a type-C to type-C cable. You can still use a USB cable for your PC and file transfers, but if your computer has a type-C port, you’re sure to see a difference in speed as well. Other than that, you also get the usual items such as the earphones.


The 2019 phone provides an impressive setup that’s sure to be more than enough to provide all the power most of us need. Sure, the S10 models have more to offer, but they also come in at double the price.

The A70 offers Android 9.0 One UI, presenting a smooth and enjoyable experience with everything you do on it. It’s combined with a Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon chip, which is an octa-core. It provides a powerful system with a six 1.7 GHz setup and a double 2.0 GHz to give even more boost.

When it comes to graphics, you once again expect excellent performance with the Adreno 612. Once again, it’s not as powerful as the Mali-G76 in the S10, but it has more than enough power to give you fast, crisp graphics in every game you play.

Finally, we look at the storage and memory of the phone, which indeed manages to grab our attention when considering the price. It offers 128GB and has the option of adding another 512GB with an SD card. The phone includes 6GB of ram for the base model, but if you want a bit more power, check out the 8GB model.


Now, most would think this is where the most significant differences come is as the S10 is known for incredible camera power. However, the A70 doesn’t disappoint with its triple rear camera. It starts with a 32mp primary lens with f/1.7 and PDAF. The back of the phone also includes another 8mp with a 12mm lens that provides the ultrawide features. Finally, we have a 5mp depth sensor, allowing each photo to give incredible detail. The front includes a 32mp, making the overall photo opportunities of the phone amazing.