Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

The A series from Samsung might not be their flagship phones, but these devices manage to impress with incredible quality that’s very close to the S10 models. Sure, there are a few differences when it comes to processing speeds, but it’s nothing major.

The great thing is, you’ll save a tremendous amount of money as the A50 comes in at just about half the price you would fork out for the S10 models. So, is the phone just half as good as the S10e and is it worth going for the flagship phone for so much more cash? Well, let’s find out.


Now you would expect the S10e device to have a much better screen that bigger and has something that the A50 can’t match up with, right? Well, you’ll be as surprised as we are to find out that the screen quality isn’t far apart. They both have AMOLED displays. The S10e comes with a dynamic display while the A50 offers a super-AMOLED screen, both of which provide capacitive touch screens with 16 million colours.

The most surprising part is the size. As some might already know, the S10e has an impressive 5.8” display, but the A50 has the upper hand with a 6.4” screen. The S10e does provide a bit better quality, but it’s certainly not something you’ll notice with both phones in your hand. The PPI differs by only 35, giving the upper hand to the S10e at 438.

If you want to look at the real quality of the screen, we move over to resolutions where the A50 has the upper hand with 1080 x 2340 pixels, compared to the S10e with 1080 x 2280. Even the screen to body ratio of the A50 is better than the S10e as it offers a 19.5:9 ratio for a full edge to edge display that packs a lot of power.

One big difference is the protection for the screens. The S10e offers Gorilla Glass 5, which is incredibly strong. The A50 isn’t quite as impressive but does have some stability with the Gorilla Glass 3. However, it will cost you a decent screen cover on the A50 to ensure you’re always covered.


This is another section where most are expecting the S10e to run away with the results and deliver something that just about nothing else can compare to. Well, it might be one of the flagship phones from Samsung, but the company gave the A50 enough power to keep up.

They both run Android 9.0 and even use the same Exynos chips, but where the S10e has the 9820 chip, the A50 comes with the slightly smaller 9610. When we look at the processors, we do see a difference, but it’s nothing major. Both offer octa-core chips, starting with eh A50 that has four 2.3 GHz and four 1.7 GHz processor. The S10e comes with two 2.73 GHz, two 2.31 GHz and four 1.95 GHz processors.