S10e / S10 / S10 Plus – What’s Different? Part II

Last week, we looked at what’s the same with the S10e, S10 and S10 Plus devices from Samsung. Now, we consider the differences, which is the most important and where you will see the biggest reasons for the major jumps in price. However, even with the basic model (S10e), you certainly get a lot of phone for US$750, but let’s find out of the additional US$150 (for S10) or extra $250 (for S10 Plus) is worth considering.


Let’s start with the front-facing camera where we see even more similarities as all of them offer the 10MP camera that provides the same benefits. The S10 Plus comes with a secondary front-facing camera offering deeper colours with an RBG 8MP depth camera.

The rear cameras are a little different and were the first significant difference comes in. The S10e has two cameras, including a 12MP and 16MP camera while the S10 offers three lenses, including a 12MP telephoto, a 12MP wide angle and a 16MP ultra-wide, which is the same on the S10 Plus as well.

Screen Sizes and Fingerprint sensor

The camera is undoubtedly the most significant difference with devices, but you’ll also find the screen sizes differ, starting with a 5.8” while the S10 goes just a little bigger with a 6.1” and finally, the S10 Plus offers a 6.4”. Since they all provide AMOLED screens, it all comes down to the size you prefer. They also feature the impressive edge-to-edge display with a tiny spot for the front-facing camera.

Since the screen fills the entire device and the company still includes the fingerprint reader, you’ll find a unique advantage with both the S10 and S10 Plus models. That is the new ultra-sonic fingerprint reader that’s been built into the display. The S10e does still provide this security feature, but it’s made in just above the power button and now in the actual display.

Max Storage

For an additional price, you can upgrade your device to include a lot more storage. As mentioned last week, they all come with 128gb as the base model, but for those who want extra. It’s an option with all the models, to upgrade up to 526gbs of memory space. The S10e offers only one additional opportunity with up to 256gb while the S10 skips that step and goes to 512gb as it’s another storage option. The S10 Plus has the most options, including the 512gb and the 1tb option.


The ram capacity is yet another section where differences are bound to change your mind. Which once again depends on your requirements and what the phone is used for. The S10e might be all you need with it’s 6gb base model ram, but if you want just a little more, you can upgrade it to the same as the S10 8gb ram. However, if you want the full package with 12gb, you’ll need to choose the higher option for the S10 Plus, which comes in both 8gb and 12gb.