Russian Intelligence Services Attack UK Coronavirus Research

The United Kingdom has alleged that the “Russian Intelligent Service Agency” has attacked government servers, hoping to acquire coronavirus vaccine research without approval. The attempt at stealing data was denied by the Russian Ambassador, which is typical for Andrei Kelin. He’d claim in 2016 that his nations intelligence agency didn’t hack the US Election.

The UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab suggested that there aren’t any doubts from Britain’s intelligence agencies that Russia played a significant involvement in the recent attack. Dominic clarified that communist behaviour could not be tolerated on democratic soil, with their latest attempt not being the first instance. Russia had previously interfered with the 2019 UK Election, working through its intelligence agency to acquire illicit documents. Proof of Russia’s involvement became evident after these documents were released online, detailed delegations between the United Kingdom & the United States on trade. The Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin denied all proof regarding their involvement.

Kelin became targeted by British reporters, being somewhat interrogated in a public fashion. The Russian Ambassador demanded that their uninvolved with interferences of political elections, remarking that whatever party is leading the United Kingdom doesn’t change Russia’s position in the commonwealth. Andrei Kelin emphasized that either way, new relations are formed.

The Parliament Intelligence & Security Committee has begun proving Andrei Kelin false on his recent claims. They published a series of documents that showed IP Addresses had originated by Russian terrorizers. The PISC would receive backing from the United Kingdom National Cyber Security Centre, who indicated their 95% confident that “The Dukes of Cozy Bears” committed the illegal attack. It’s known that DOCB is affiliated with the Russian Intelligence Services.

North American Data

The United States of America & the Dominion of Canada also provided proof from their security agencies that showed the direct involvement of Russian intelligence services attacking UK Politics. Clarification from North American documents also proved that Russia had attacked the US 2016 Election while strategizing to contest the 2020 Election two-years in advance. Viable proof has now prompted politicians in the UK Parliament to determine if Russia’s Ambassador should be returned home, terminating negotiations with the communist regime.