Premier Health Tech Gadgets

Whether you are a complete fitness fanatic or just a bit health-conscious or searching for something that could help you get back into shape. There is an array of gadgets that are health-related and can assist you in getting right back into shape.


One of the best new gadgets in 2018 is PainPod it is a wearable that completely replaced the need for any kind of painkillers. If anyone is in any sort of chronic pain, PainPod is the answer it is one of the most innovative discoveries that offer individuals to finally become drug-free with an amazing alternative to painkillers. It is FDA listed and has changed medicine. The wonder gadgets are powered via a blend of biomedical technology and microcurrents. PainPod is a bioelectrical gadget able to fully understand our body and peripheral nervous system, how they work in managing pain, speed recovery and how it improves performance. PainPod needs to be placed on the area where there is pain, and once it works its magic, you are pain-free.

Muhdo Fitness Plan and Genetic Profiler

Muhdo is often referred to by fitness fundus as a health tech gift that keeps on giving since it provides a personalised fitness plan based on the user’s biomarkers as well as genetic makeup. The best gift in life is other those that are more personalised, and you basically can’t get more personal in any way as that of genetic profiling. Muhdo specialises in genetic profiling, and this epigenetics company offers the most comprehensive and advanced bio-marker and DNA testing analysis for performance, fitness and health than that of any other genetics company internationally. It helps individuals discover their genetic gifts and allows them to take advantage of those to reach their personal goals.

How Muhdo Works

It’s easy to get your hands on everything about your genetic profile, and all it really involves is sticking a stamp on the tube you spat in and mailing it via the post, after a whole bunch of tests are completed by the Muhdo team, both a nutrition and fitness plan is build based on your genetic markers. The information tells you about the nutrients your body lacks, what it needs less off and how to boost your workouts via the types of exercise you would benefit from most.

Avance Centrifugal Juicer by Phillips

If it is a digestive cleanse you need then nothing compares to the Avance Centrifugal Juicer. In preventing weight gaining, heart disease, digestive health problems, or even diabetes as well as cancers, fibre is the most important nutrient. Phillips’ Avance is the one way to ensure you get enough since the juicer feature FibreBoost technology that assists individuals to select the texture preferred, and it makes a refreshing juice or more creamy drink containing up to 50% more fibre than any other. What puts most people off about mixers and other gadgets is how time-consuming it is to clean and with Avance cleaning is easy and you would hardly find a better gift for any smoothie addict.