PlayStation Studios Branding Unveiled by Sony

The Sony Corporation is releasing the PlayStation Five this holiday season, making gamers worldwide excited for the future possibilities with upgraded tech. Before this console is shipped to millions on consumers, Sony announced that their rebranding first-party exclusives. All development studios working under the PlayStation branding were correlated into one group, under the official title of “Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Organization”. This mouthful has been replaced with the simple title of “PlayStation Studios”, which will better allow consumers to recognize which video games are exclusive for the PS5.

Alterations in the branding follow suit with PlayStation’s modernized layout into the new decade. It’s simpler, with direct focus onto the ecosystem that Sony created throughout the PS4. This ecosystem will convert over to the PlayStation 5, allowing for exclusive games from their last two generation cycles to work coherently with their newest console. Notable brands from Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica Studios, Polyphony Digital, and Media Molecule will have their respective titles available on the PS5 at launch. This means notable games like the Resistance Trilogy or Original GOW Trilogy will more than likely be available to consumers.

This move also better separates Sony’s exclusive titles over Xbox Game Studios, with some confusing the two. Both companies have made video games similar to one another. A perfect example would be Uncharted versus Tomb Raider, with both supporting identical mechanics and storylines. Xbox stole everything that made Uncharted unique and placed it into Tomb Raider, with both franchises spawning multiple sequels. Sony would inevitably sue for their blatant attempt to copy Naughty Dogs exclusive property. The result would be Tomb Raider no longer being unique to the Xbox, forcibly having to be released for all supporting consoles.

The New Animation

When PlayStation Exclusive titles are loaded on the PS5, gaming enthusiasts will see the PS5 Logo appear across their home screen. It’ll be similar to the Marvel Studios Animation seen with all their 30+ films. Characters from God of War, the Last of Us, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and Horizon Zero Dawn will phase in/out of the PS5 Logo. Sony confirmed that booming sounds from their history would also be heard during this animation.