PlayStation Skipping E3 2020 for PS5

The Sony Computer Corporation confirmed that they wouldn’t be participating at the 2020 E3 Expo. This announcement comes after Sony’s subsidiary, PlayStation, didn’t maintain a presence at the 2019 Electronics Entertainment Expo. Fans are shocked by this revelation, with the expo being the video game industries most prominent worldwide. It’s been held for more than two decades in Los Angeles, with Sony and Microsoft traditionally battling each other for consumer acquisition. Analysts suspect that the Sony Computer Corporation will hold a “State of Play” event, where all details and information regarding the PlayStation Five will be released. Considering that the Microsoft Corporation unveiled the Xbox Series: X at the 2019 Game Awards Show, the Electronics Entertainment Expo doesn’t have much to offer gamers in 2020.

Microsoft’s Response

When Sony unveiled last year that they wouldn’t attend the 2019 E3 Expo, Microsoft used that as ammunition. History repeated itself with Phil Spencer taking to Twitter, confirming that the Xbox Corporation would have a formidable presence at E3 2020. He expressed that they love showcasing what’s going on to fans, unlike a particular other company. However, it should be noted that the PlayStation Three and Four outsold the last two generation-cycles maintained by Xbox. History is expected to repeat itself with the 2020 generation of consoles.

The Electronics Entertainment Expo has been dwindling in popularity for a prolonged period. Ever since the development of global streaming, it’s become easy for large corporations like PlayStation or Nintendo to reach millions worldwide. Instead of holding an exclusive show for the press and loyal consumers, anybody wanting to watch their live streams can witness new announcements on consoles or games. Subsequently, E3 has lost two of their significant showcases, causing attendance volumes to drop by 24.31% last year. That number is anticipated to drop by an additionally 15% in 2020. Analysts suspect that by 2025, the Electronics Entertainment Expo will shutdown their doors after three decades.

The PlayStation Five

The PlayStation Five will launch for the 2020 Holiday Season, allowing for thousands of adults and children to experience a brand new console. The technologies supported with the PS5 will enable gaming capabilities never seen on consoles. Graphically speaking, Sony will defeat Microsoft, which has been the tendency for the last three generations. Those that purchase this console receive a Solid State Drive, enabled with Backwards Compatibility. This extends to Rate Tracing and 8K Graphics. Internally, everything is known about the PlayStation Five, but the physical design is still a mystery. Expect the full announcement by Mid-Summer.