Pay Your Bills with Apple Card

The Apple Company confirmed its latest service that works in correlation with their Credit Card. Consumers that’ve acquired an Apple Card can engage with this platform, which supports the capability to pay all standard bills associated with everyday living. Users can also witness their Credit Balance through this service & review recent bill statements.

The iPhone & iPad support features identical to the Web Service Portal from Apple. This means that individuals owning one of Apple’s handsets had capabilities to pay their bills, check Credit Balances, and review past statements through the “Wallet App”. The Apple Company wants to expand the reach of its credit card, which prompted the introduced of its WSP. The Apple Card is now supported by a larger group of consumers worldwide. However, complications arise for new users & specific requirements will still limit Apple’s global reach.

Limitations Forced by Apple

The Web Service Portal from Apple is supported under the URL Using this URL doesn’t eliminate the necessity of owning or momentarily obtaining access to an iPhone/iPad. That’s because interested consumers must register for the Apple Credit Card through an iOS Device from the last three generations. Individuals unable to obtain temporary access to an Apple handset must succumb to paying $1,000.00 or higher for a new iPhone/iPad. Under these conditions, most traditional customers of credit cards aren’t willing to obey these measures. Apple will have to eliminate these restrictions to exceed their international reach as a credit provider.

The Apple Card History

April 2019 marked the date when the Apple Company introduced its credit card. The announcement was shocking when learning that Goldman Sachs had backed Tim Cook’s latest venture into the credit card market. Multiple perk systems were awarded to Apple, with consumers earning unique benefits with each purchase through online vendors. The popularity behind the Apple Card has grown significantly, with its 3% Cashback System on standard purchases & 2% Cashback with Apple Pay Transactions. Conventional credit card providers offer 1% instead of a combined 5% Cashback. It should be mentioned that Apple hasn’t remotely exceeded the popularity of Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card.