OnePlus Requiring Consumer Support

Customer support with new concepts for products is something multiple corporations have enlisted for decades. Another company is now starting a similar initiative, with OnePlus announcing that they’ll allow for consumers to suggest new features for their mobile devices. It’ll be named under the company-wide tagline of IDEAS, with the concept providing rewards with their submissions. The most substantial rewards will be provided to consumers that have their ideas implemented, with yearly deadlines being April 30th.

Those wanting to submit suggestions are required to create a Community Account, with them than selecting the Submitting IDEAS Button, which will send OnePlus customers to another page. This page has consumers select what their idea pertains to and then will the required details regarding that concept. OnePlus confirmed that they’d review these ideas weekly.

The way that OnePlus recognizes which ideas are best suited for their devices is through the “Like-Button”. Community account members can provide comments and likes on other ideas from different users. The top-five weekly ideas will receive contact from OnePlus on a two-week basis, with winners acquiring the “OnePlus Bullet Wireless Two Headphones”. It’s the perfect way for consumers with little funds to purchase the follow-up audio headset from OnePlus. Those wanting to provide their social media influence on these ideas are recommended to register today. The highest-recommended plans right now include an Always-On-Display, Alert Sliders and Blocking or Muting Technologies. OnePlus will announce through the community forums which features are being implemented and which aren’t quarterly.

House Service Calls from OnePlus

This wasn’t the only announcement made by OnePlus today. It was confirmed they’d be implementing more resources into the Indian Market, with a more substantial influence on investments. This will include the OnePlus Door Step Service, the latest product available to Indian consumers. It was announced directly through the Community Forums, which follows after OnePlus tested this service in three Indian cities. Being successful throughout Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, it’s now been confirmed a permanent product for the Indian market.

Additional cities receiving the OnePlus Door Step Service include Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Those using this service won’t require leaving their phone to undergo repairs, allowing for service centres to be entirely avoided. Downloading the OnePlus Care App is needed to access assistant representatives, with questionnaires regarding your device model also required. Download the application today and book a repair with a local engineer; it’ll take less than two hours for them to reach your location.