Next-Gen Consoles Sold Out Everywhere

November 13th marked the date when PlayStation & Microsoft released their next generation of consoles. Dedicated gamers that pre-ordered their PS5, XSX, or XSS have begun receiving their consoles. However, numerous issues have been sustained from the manufacturer to retail level with the next generational launch of consoles. Initially, those that pre-ordered were told that delays in shipping would prompt the earliest delivery date of November 16th.

Most selected to pre-order via an online retailer like BestBuy or Amazon, with numerous municipalities throughout North America not permitting consumers to enter brick & mortar locations for pre-ordered consoles on November 13th. Those few gamers allowed to enter physical locations for BestBuy, Walmart or Target saw few consoles available. Video footage shows most locations supporting three models for each variation of the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series. Subsequently, the percentage of gamers with working PS5s is minimal.

Another problem unfolded that most analysts were anticipating & retailers. AI Bots scanned online retailers on November 13th at midnight. Available units outside of the models being held back for pre-orders were sold out in millionths of a second. Consumers that scanned online retail stores by 12:01 am found that the PlayStation5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S were all unavailable.

Artificial intelligent bots will continue scanning through online retail stores for updated stock. Analysts anticipate that gamers won’t find a consistent & reliable volume of next-generation consoles until January or February 2021. For those that were excited about the potential of gaming at 4K in 120fps, those individuals will have to wait longer than expected.

Analyst Interpretation

Multiple tech reviewers & analysts have begun recounting their experiences with pre-order the PlayStation5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Nick Stat from the Verge informed his readers that in September he’d pre-ordered a PS5, believing the XSX & XSS wouldn’t sell out before the next week. Reviewer Nick Stat clarified that minutes later he’d be proven wrong, with pre-ordering unavailable for all next-generation consoles until October. It should be mentioned that quantity volumes for the PS5, XSX, and XSS will be low for a prolonged period. The holiday season is weeks away & parents will clamour for the opportunity to get their child a new console.