Motorola Announces The Edge Plus

The Motorola Company hosted an online event on April 22nd, announcing its latest smartphone named the “Edge Plus”. This device is already becoming popular amongst handset enthusiasts, with outlets like The Verge and Android Authority providing their early thoughts on Motorola’s premium smartphone. The typical response has been full approval, with consumers excited to experience Motorola’s first premium smartphone since 2016.

Those interested in acquiring the Edge Plus will pay upwards of $1,000.00 for the handset without provider contracts. Consumers will receive a 6.7-Inch OLED FHD+ Display, which supports a maximum resolution of 1080p. The low resolution is implemented because of the 90Hz Refresh Rate, which guarantees a more fluent transition between applications and the devices operating system. Motorola has taken significant cues from the Samsung Company, placing curved edges over the front screen. These edges have practical support, enabling owners to access application shortcuts.

The Motorola Company has provided significant internals with the Edge Plus, allowing for sustainable battery life and faster processing speeds. This is possible through the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Process, which has the strength to operate 90Hz Frame Rates. The selected camera module includes three lenses, with the highest pixel count being 108. There’s also an 8-Megapixel Telephoto Lens, and 16-Megapixel Ultrawide Lens. When it applies to the front-facing camera, Motorola has included 25-Megapixels.

It should be mentioned that the Motorola Edge Plus also comes preloaded with 12GB of DDR5 Ram, with the entire handset being run off the 5,000MAH Battery. Those wanting to purchase this handset will be required to have a Verizon Account. Neither Sprint nor AT&T will offer this handset to consumers. Network capabilities for the Edge Plus include the MMWave 5G Network from Verizon, which promises the fastest connection speeds in North America.

The Edge

Consumers that cannot afford the extensive price tag associated with the Edge Plus won’t be left empty-handed. The Motorola Company is expected to announce another handset by April 30th, which would be less potent than the Edge Plus. It’d be named the Motorola Edge and feature 64-Megapixels for a back camera unit. The front-facing camera would remain 25-Megapixels, with screen quality and ram capabilities also expected to diminish.