Mobile World Conference Continued Closures

Confirmations of multiple companies that are cancelling their shows and booths at the Mobile World Conference have flooded in recently. Nokia, Vodafone, Telekom and BT announced that they wouldn’t appear at MWC 2020 with concerns relating to the coronavirus. It’s prompted the head organizers to determine if the event should be entirely cancelled, with some of their most significant shows being cancelled.

This hasn’t stopped the city of Barcelona from encouraging supporters to arrive at the event, with local and global health officials noting that there isn’t any health emergency in Barcelona. A large percentage of employed representatives visiting the MWC 2020 would be Chinese, which is what’s prompted multiple cancellations.

These numerous cancellations extend to Facebook, Sony, Amazon and LG Electronics. Computer parts manufacturers, Nvidia and Intel, both have pulled out of their respective shows. This extends to telecommunication providers as well, with France’s Orange, not appearing at the 2020 Mobile World Conference either. It should be noted that one of the chairmen for the GSMA acts as the CEO for Orange, indicating that there are significant concerns with this virus for organizers.

It’s been confirmed that insurance policies under the Mobile World Conference won’t allow for the substantial losses to be covered. An outbreak at this event with more than 100+ thousand guests could prompt significant backlash for the GSMA. Potential fines, charges and prison time would follow if this event isn’t terminated entirely. This action would also be detrimental to the Spanish economy, with the MWC bringing millions into Barcelona yearly.

Forced Closures

Substantial gatherings would place thousands of international guests at risk, with any lack of action being considered irresponsible. It’s rare to see big name brands like Facebook or Intel to announce their withdrawing from the MWC. The coronavirus has become one of the most significant global health concerns since SARS in 2006. It’s anticipated that if the GSMA doesn’t cancel the 2020 event, all other notable brands in the technology industry with terminate their shows and booths.

Financial and technological analysts anticipate that following this weekend, where the GSMA will make their final decision, multiple announcements regarding show cancellations will follow. These analysts believe that large corporations will force the hand of this organization, which would allow for their employees and executives to have zero risks of obtaining the coronavirus. Since this virus broke out on December 31st, more than 40 thousand globally have been infected, and more than 1000+ have died. It’s considered the worst global health epidemic in decades.