Kano Incorporates touchscreen with DIY Computer Kit

A year ago, Kano introduced a complete computer kit that you can build yourself which is powered by the impressive Raspberry Pi. When it was released, it looked fantastic, but it completely ignored the fact that most kids love smartphones, tablets, and other devices that come equipped with a touchscreen display. Now, Kano is releasing an updated version that basically swaps the 10.1-inch standard screen with a user-friendly touch version. This means you can swipe through the custom operating system by Kano and complete programming challenges by simply using your finger. Known as the Computer Kit Touch, it can be purchased for $280 at both retailers and online.

Construction of the Computer

As with all products from Kano, most of the fun lies in the construction of the computer. The Computer Kit Touch comes equipped with a custom Pi board, power cable, an updated driver board for display, speakers, and loads more. Apart from the boards, everything else is neatly covered in flamboyant plastic. It frequently feels like an expensive LEGO set. Once you set up everything, you can use the custom computer to enjoy coding challenges and will be able to launch various apps, including LibreOffice, Google Drive, YouTube, and Google Chromium. The computer also utilises a small app store where you’ll be able to download innovative tools, such as FileZilla, Audacity, and Wolfram.

Motion Sensor Kit and Pixel Light Board

With the incredible Raspberry Pi computer kit from Kano, the company also sells an innovative motion sensor kit as well as a ‘Pixel’ light board that you can build yourself. Eventually, the company aims to include a speaker kit and a camera kit that were both crowdfunded on the Kickstarter website all the way back in September 2016. The company aims to release the speaker kit somewhere in mid-2019. Kano is also in the process of launching an exclusive Harry Potter wand which will be known as the Kano Coding Kit. This will essentially teach kids how to program spells based on the bestselling books and movies. Should you own any of the Kano standalone products, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to control them on the Computer Kit Touch by using the Kano coding app. Kano will also continue to sell its original Computer Kit with a non-touch screen at around $200.

Who Is This Aimed For?

The Kano DIY Computer kit was basically developed for kids around the age of 6 and upwards to assist them in learning code. The London-based company provides a range of spectacular products which allow kids to build it from scratch. With its very own operating system which is preinstalled on the computer, kids will need to use several components to assemble a working computer. The kit comes with a complete guide and tells you in detail where each wire needs to go. Thereafter, you simply add everything into a transparent case and the system will be ready to boot.