Jeff Bezos Forced to Face Congress

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon will experience the full assault of America’s political system over the coming days. This follows after Jeff Bezos was forced into a meeting with Congress, which is always filmed & broadcasted live to millions of Americans. He’ll be joined alongside other largescale CEOs in the tech industry, including Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai. Tim Cook from the Apple Company will also be present.

July 29th marks the date when Jeff Bezos will reluctantly appear before Congress. The American House of Representatives issued an investigation into largescale corporations operating in the tech industry, with a significant focus behind Facebook & Amazon. Google and Apple have faced less scrutiny since this investigation launched thirteen months ago. The Anti-Trust Subcommittee in the House of Representatives undertook this investigation, emphasizing that various international laws were broken. The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice will also attend the hearing, providing their insightful findings.

Most were shocked when Congresses House of Representatives demanded that Jeff Bezos appear at the hearing. It’s unconventional for the Amazon CEO, who typically avoids the public eye & releases formal statements through managing officers. Those events that Bezos will attend are meticulously reviewed to ensure a positive outlook on the world’s richest man. Appearing before Congress will be considerably different, with Bezos unable to state hand-crafted sentiments from lawyers and Amazon personal. Jeff can anticipate being scolded extensively by some of America’s most formidable leaders.

Possible Punishments

Jeff Bezos will find that Amazon’s immeasurable power in America & his astonishing physical wealth won’t be enough to deter politicians. Bezos is ultimately governed by these individuals, meaning that obeying American legislation is required, or prison sentences are enacted. Whatever punishment could be given to Bezos will immediately be avoided through his immeasurable wealth. It’s more likely that a multitude of fines will be imposed on companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.

International governments have grown increasingly concerned over the power maintained by largescale tech corporations like Amazon. They retain the capability to destroy all competition, narrow product options, and deter all forms of retail innovations. There are discussions amongst the American Senate to force limitations onto Amazon, which would deplete the wealth of Bezos by a significant percentage.