Is the Upgrade from the iPhone X to XS Worth it?

Some of us like to upgrade to the latest and greatest devices basically from the very second they hit the market whereas others prefer getting the latest, but waiting a few years between until the next big thing hits the industry. Well, with the iPhone X we saw one of those “next big thing” moments and what a great one it was.

Not only did the iPhone X introduce an entirely new style of screen that packs a lot more punch in a device that’s surprisingly small, but it also came with a huge variety of features! Now, more than a year later, we once again see Apple introduce their latest device and giving us a taste of what’s to come. However, the company once again follows a similar trend to what they’ve always done, using the same phone and simply improving the internals of the device.

While this is great for those upgrading from an iPhone 6 or even the 7, is it really worth going from the iPhone X to the XS? Let’s face it, putting these devices right left to each other doesn’t give us any changes. In fact, I’d be surprised if anyone could tell the difference, even with the screens on. Sure, the iPhone XS comes with the newer screen, which is actually exactly the same, but it now includes the Dolby vision, which apparently offers a 60% improvement on the dynamic range.

One big change you’ll find with the screen is how quickly it responds to the touch as Apple presents a 120Hz touch responsive sensing with the new phone. What does this mean? Well, looks for a touch on the display a lot faster and therefore becomes more responsive and allows you to seamlessly do, well everything really. So, what else is new with the iPhone XS?


Now, if you currently have an iPhone X or you’ve used one, think to yourself, was it slow? Did it need more power? Was it unable to run anything due to a lack of processing power? I’m quite confident that your answer to each of those questions was “no”.

Apple actually didn’t make huge changes with the processing power of the device, and they don’t really need to. It’s amazing what they do with their hardware and how they make it perform just as well or even better than others, but without all the hardware other companies use.

Competing with itself, you’ll find the XS has the A12 Bionic chip that runs on 3 cores, which is the same as the A11 Bionic chip that’s in the iPhone X. Sure, it runs a faster (not that we can tell yet), but it also uses a lot less battery, as much as 50% less! The new XS also includes another GB or ram, taking it up to 4GB and the rest are just about the same.

So, is it worth it? If you’re not looking for the latest and greatest on the market, then no. Get the iPhone X, maybe even go for the biggest 256GB with the saving you’ll have by going for the X, but you won’t be sorry, and you’ll have all the power you need!