Is the Apple Pencil a Must?

If you have finally taken the step to purchase an iPad Pro, you are most likely excited about the new features and benefits of OS 13. Many are wondering if it is worth getting the Apple pencil or can you still do everything you would like to do with just your finger. Well, the Apple pencil is specifically designed to work with the iPad Pro and now the later iPads. It introduces a whole new level of interaction with your tablet, which could add a whole lot of great benefits, even if you’re not an artist.

There are currently two variations of the Apple pencil, including the first-gen and the second-gen. These are not compatible with all iPad Pro models, meaning it is essential that you know which one will work for you. If you have an iPad Pro from 2017 or earlier, you would need to use the first-generation Apple pencil. The second-generation only works on the 2018 iPad Pro and the iPad six and on.

What the Apple Pencil Would Add for You

Unboxing the Apple pencil for the first time might not be the most exciting thing; it is certainly not as impressive as unboxing the iPad itself. There are no select buttons, fresh gadget additions or even a charger. Instead, all you will get is the pencil, a replacement tip and an adapter for when you would like to charge it with a USB cable. Other than that, you’ll have the usual Apple additions, including a quick guide. However, once you’ve loaded the Apple pencil, and it has been paired with your iPad, the real excitement begins. You can control the entire iPad using the Apple pencil, including the ability to switch between screens and even apps. You can use it instead of your finger, meaning you can tap on apps and also use the keyboard by tapping on it.

However, you would not buy an Apple pencil to replace the functionality that is already there. Instead, you would want it to add a whole new level of interaction with the iPad. Luckily, there is a lot to get out of the Apple pencil, which is not possible when you only use your fingers. Many apps will allow you to do handwriting with nothing but your finger, but it will only take you a couple of seconds to realise that this is certainly not great. With the pencil, it will be corrected as if you are writing on paper, thanks to the incredibly responsive screen. There is no delay; it is 100% accurate and makes it quite fun to get back to writing.

In design programs, things become a lot easier as the Apple pencil has certain functionality while your fingers control the rest. For example, while you are busy editing an object, the Apple pencil is used to select surfaces, change their value or even move them while your fingers allow you to zoom in and out while also rotating the object. So, should you get an Apple pencil? In almost does not matter what you want to use the iPad for, and Apple pencil will always make it better. Sure, you won’t use it in every single app or function, but where you can, you will for sure!