Iranian Government Shuts Down Internet

The Iranian Government has continued to display their abusive forms of power this week. It was announced that the Iranian President demanded the internet provided cut off all services before Thursday. This comes after authorities learned that another set of Anti-Government Protests was slated for late Thursday Night. NetBlocks, one of the most active internet monitoring services worldwide, noted the drop in usage. Iranian News Agencies confirmed that their Government had ordered the termination of the internet for Thursday, December 26, 2019. These protests were held in honour of the individuals killed in previous protests last month, which were prompted by increasing fuel prices nation-wide.

When the original protests had begun, government authorities and security forces used violent tactics to disrupt civilians. However, in the process, more than 304 were killed by their respective Government on the first day. These clashes lasted for days, with more than 1500 being killed in total. Thousands more were critically injured, which has prompted nation-wide outrage against the Iranian Government. It’s expected that a civil war will ensue, with the people claiming back their land.

The Reasoning

These protests began throughout the nation on November 15 when the Government revealed that gasoline prices would increase by 50% and that civilians would have access to 15,000 litres monthly. Subsequently, a maximum of sixty litres can be purchased regularly by each citizen. This has caused hundreds of thousands to lose their ability water-access, jobs, and education. Though the United States placed sanctions onto Iran with the enforcement of Donald Trump, the actions of the Iranian Government are inexcusable. These protests won’t end until Middle Eastern Officials in Iran can accept that they’re not as strong as the people, which is incredibly difficult for any politician in modern times.

New Deaths with December 26 Protests

The Iranian Government shows no signs of stopping their horrendous and violent acts against civilians. Internet usage began to return online after midnight on December 26, with video evidence from mobile phones being released to worldwide media outlets. The evidence displayed shows numerous civilians being gunned down with bullets, resulting in security forces killing demonstrators. It should be noted that these protests were peaceful until the arrival of police authorities and that these civilians were unarmed, showing the blatant disrespect towards life.

Security forces didn’t stop after the protests had dispersed. These policing authorities immediately arrested any individuals that were found posting on social media regarding a ceremony for their loved ones. What happens going forward is anyone’s guess, but the Iranian People will fight onwards until their Government reverses the petrol laws or every last civilian is dead.